Solid Waste / Landfill Overview

Solid Waste: $45.00/ton, $8.00 minimum 
Appliances: $15.00 each
Tires: $0.08 per pound (minimum $3.00)
Recyclables: No Charge

Cash or Checks only

Material Not Accepted:
Hazardous Waste
Toxic Waste
Liquid Wastes
Dead Animals
Latex Paint 

• All recyclable items may be placed in the yellow recycling bin.
• Plastics, glass jars, aluminum and tin cans may be mixed.
• Wearable clothing and paper may be placed on top of the bin.
• Corrugated cardboard should be broken down and placed alongside the bin.

Recycling Guidelines


Solid Waste / Landfill's Office staff includes:

Daniel M. Ahart, P.E. - Manager

Ann Wolken - Office Manager 

Phil Monahan - Operator

Chuck Wolken - Assistant Operator

Vivian Arnold & Bonnie Ickes - Scale Operators (Part-Time)

Solid Waste Agency Board:

5 members - 2-year staggered term - appointed by Supervisors

Roger Schmitz, Chairman (12-31-2016)

Dave Miller (03-01-2018)

Alison Manz (03-01-2017) non-voting member 

Marvin Kenkel (03-01-2017)

Barry Deuel (03-01-2018)

Kenneth Blackwell (03-01-2018)