Conservation Overview

Created in 1960, the Shelby County Conservation Board manages more than 700 acres of parks and natural areas; including lakes, rivers, streams, and woodlands for recreation, wildlife habitat and outdoor education.

Staff members take an active role in developing and managing wildlife habitat in county areas and secondary roadsides. From providing nest boxes for blue birds, kestrels, and Canada geese, to planting trees, shrubs, and native grasses for wildlife food and shelter, these activities provide valuable habitat for both game and non-game wildlife species. Staff members also develop recreational outlets for the citizens of Shelby County. This involves camping facilities and hiking trails as well as places to hunt and fish. This includes park maintenance and development, and officer duties to keep our parks safe.

Through the Conservation Board's Nature Education Program, staff are involved in promoting preservation by providing year-round educational events for the public schools, the general public and youth groups throughout the area. Some classes conducted recently by conservation staff included a prairie burn, a prairie planting class, prairie butterfly garden class, bluebird house building workshops and bird feeding classes.

The Conservation Board personnel are actively involved in habitat development, park maintenance, outdoor recreation, and nature education. Many of the public areas have been donated to the Conservation Board. If you would be interested in making a donation of land or other, contact the Conservation Board at 712-744-4203 or 712-744-3403.

Please, be our guest! We ask that you observe all rules and regulations while visiting Shelby County parks and recreational areas. Your help will allow each person the opportunity to enjoy their recreational experiences and will protect the areas, yourself and others.

Conservation's Office staff includes:

Nick Preston - Director / Officer

Christina Roelofs - Naturalist / Webmaster

Bryce Schaben - Roadside Manager